• Kasia Szczęsna

Project: Data noise - first research

Aktualizacja: 6 mar 2019

Brief: Produce an interactive or performative experience with sound at its core.

Exploring sound as data and data as sound might seem like an abstract idea whereas in reality it is much more intuitive and easier. Before starting thinking of the idea for the project I had to practise a little bit before because I have never had any experience with sound design.

During our first few sessions with Oliver, we were exploring different sound editing softwares like Audacity or Max to see what we can achieve after a little bit of editing and mixing few tracks into one.

Below, I uploaded my sound which was edited in Audacity. I wanted to enhance the moment of "the step" and make it more musical.

It was very interesting to see how much we can do with tracks which, which at first glance, are not special in any way.

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