• Kasia Szczęsna

Major Project #10 - developing the final outcome

Aktualizacja: maj 26

With three weeks left, I have decided to change my final outcome - creating a game fully by yourself is time confusing and considering my overall knowledge on the subject, quite difficult. I knew that in the beginning when I was planning to do that, but with the virus situation, it definitely became more challenging.

This saying, I decided not to do a full version of a game. I will limit the actual gameplay to only 1/3 to show how the mechanics how and give an idea of how I imagined it to be.

(The transition between the colors have been changed)

For now, my plan is to improve the graphics in the game adding some decorative elements and extra animations. I need to fix the bugs that came up during the user testing session as well as add the opening screen and sounds.

I am planning to also create a promotional banner for the game and maybe a prototype of a website if I'll have time. Creating a short animation-trailer with a voiceover explaining the game would be amazing but again, it all depends if I will have enough time.

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