• Kasia Szczęsna

Major Project #3 - game controllers and Unity

Having a little bit over a month to plan, develop and finish my project, I decided to start doing some basic coding to get an idea of what elements I'll be able to implement. As I don't have any previous experience with using Unity whatsoever, I started by watching different YouTube videos and reading the Unity forum to have a starting point. We also had one workshop at LCC where we have been explained the basics of Unity so I knew how to create a project, add components and do basic editing in regards to imported elements.

Eventually, I will have to create a system of mechanics for the game to work. Creating a game controller is basically a foundation for the game building. Considering creating a platformer or a point-and-click game, I didn't have many options to choose from. I could either use a mouse or a keyboard to move around the game. Ideally, as I am thinking of combining both of the game genres, I was thinking to focus on a keyboard as a way of moving and exploring. in the game, and then allow players to use a mouse to click and maybe talk with potential NPCs.

I started with downloading free assets for a platformer game from the Unity asset store just to be able to experiment with the C# and Unity. I particularly liked the Blackthornprod channel on YT as his Unity tutorials were quite short and well-explained. Following his videos, I managed to create a simple game controller which I have screen recorded below. I used arrows to navigate the character, although I might use WSAD instead in the future. In the first video, the player was allowed to move the character all over the space with no gravity or any rules applied. In my second video, I added some basic physics like gravity and jumps. I'll probably develop this version further to actually implement it in my final outcome in the end.

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