• Kasia Szczęsna

Major Project #12 - final presentation feedback

Today, we had our last presentations. We were supposed to prepare a short 5-minute presentation and upload a summary of our project to a miro board. In my opinion, today's session was one of the most insightful throughout the sessions we had this term - I got a lot of constructive criticism and overall feedback regarding my project.

(my presentation - click on the image to see full size)

At this point, my game is nearly finished. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to export the newest version and publish it online hence the older link posted for people to test. To sort this out, I screen recorded the whole current gameplay so that it reflects better the stage I am now at.

Overall, I got positive responses to my project which I am very happy about. Some of the people pointed out small issues such as 'wooden' elements are not coherent in terms of usability (the player can jump on some of them and then the other ones are a part of a background). I will have to take a closer look at controllers too, as few people noticed that games usually use 'SPACE' for jump instead of 'W'. This meaning, I will have to reconsider other options too like pushing objects, restarting the game, or switching the characters.

I've also got very insightful feedback from Oliver and Gareth who both hinted that the story should be introduced in a more direct way. "It isn't immediately clear that the girl is trouble by her gift and sees it as a curse." and I understand their perspective completely. Unfortunately, in the version I posted the short intro-animation wasn't included and this short clip itself hints what is going on. I will definitely consider adding some extra information so that the narrative is more clear for the player, maybe by using a different voice as a narrator or simply by using text which would be an easier way definitely considering that we only have less than three days to finish the project. They weren't the only people who pointed out that implementing more mythology references or text-based clues about the journey would benefit the overall experience.

I am pretty confident in terms of delivering my project by Monday. For now, I only need to finish my trailer which is partly done already, and then think about ways of implementing more narrative elements into the game.

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