• Kasia Szczęsna

Final year of (BA) UX - briefing

Coming back after summer, I knew this academic year will be really difficult when it terms of the amount of work to do. In the first week of classes, we got a new brief:

Undertake a series of design research projects on topics of your choosing. Present the outcomes of these in a designed portfolio. You will be expected to complete at least two self initiated projects. These projects may be related or unrelated, but should be chosen to help you to develop your design practice in line with your ambitions.

For this term, we need to do two separate projects and create a designed portfolio as a third outcome. Personally, it is easier to work for me when I have ready briefs provided but at this case, I had to come up with everything myself.

I started to reading articles on Medium, Socks-Studio and researching up-to-date news in online magazines to gather data for my research. I found this amazing artists-duo called Simon Evans who are doing some interesting projects about series of things. One of the most popular is called ‘Everything I Have’, and it is a poster created from photographs of every object he owns.

I found it interesting that they made something so basic look so absorbing, as "the artists’ complex and absurdist vocabulary are distributed through multiple supports mixing autobiographical events with paradoxical considerations on life. Fragments of poetry are carefully arranged on paper in relationships with different kinds of maps, lists, diagrams and schemes inventing unexpected correspondences between spaces and words" (Fabrizi, 2016).

I started going into that direction and analysing what things I own and what surrounds me on a daily basis. After some conversations with my coursemates and friends, I narrowed the field I'm researching to my social media accounts - Facebook and Instagram. I decided it would be a good idea to create a data vis as the outcome so I started working on this, gathering and categorising data (more in the text post).

For my second project, I wanted to do something more playful as most of my projects were strictly UX-focused (websites and apps). I always found MUD text-games fascinating, as my older brother was playing them when I was younger. Playing and enjoying a storyline without almost any visuals is is unthinkable in today's world. That was my start point for the second project - to use more our creatine thinking and ours imagination to engage users in my interface.

Reference list:

Fabrizi, M. (2016) ‘Everything I Have’ and Other Works by Simon Evans. Available at: http://socks-studio.com/2016/03/27/everything-i-have-and-other-works-by-simon-evans/

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