• Kasia Szczęsna

Digital Portfolio - MUD game project #5 - final

Aktualizacja: sty 10

After having my alpha version coded, it was time for last touchups. I analysed the whole project and tried to fix last issues. I also added a new small feature to the interface.


During one of the user testing session I conducted with a few of my coursemates, they pointed out that the progress bar is not clear enough and that the stickman that illustrates the actual progress should be somehow featured. I tried using different colours and sizes to see what will work best.

I tried three different options with red colour stickman, with two being stroked with 1px and 2px. Even though red seems like more eye-catching colour, I still believe the green worked better with my interface. It also wasn't too 'aggressive' as oppose to the one with borders.


I actually manage to code one of the things I wanted to implement in the next version: extra points from outside players' role. Considering that our storyline is focused on a user experience designer, a player would be able to get points from a graphic design field such as illustrations or typography. Even though I manage to code this into the interface, it doesn't work as it supposed to. If a player answers a graphic-design question correctly, he will get an extra points but it will have no influence on anything. In the ideal final version, all the points would sum up and then the promotion would be possible.

'RECENT NEWS' section updated

I implemented this section in the game to make it feel more real and to give the idea of an existing corporate world. I think it's a nice addition because of how real these events feel. I picked a few that actually happened in the real world and the other one I wrote to match the image of the company I wanted to represent in the game. In creative industry, most of the companies/agencies is very easy-going and truly cares about its employees so this is what I wanted to achieve. Below are some of the examples I added to the code:

  • A campaign 'Listen like you used to’ we did for our main client, Spotify, was a huge success across the UK in 2019! We were nominated for a Brand Impact Awards 2020!

  • IMPORTANT! Our CEO, Kat Szczesna is retiring after 25 years in the company. We are currently waiting for the official presentation of the new board.

  • Our design for packaging for a Shane Dawson x Jeffree Star Conspiracy Palette was approved! The production starts in 3 weeks. We will keep you posted with production updates on our Twitter account.

  • New VEGAN Cafe on the 1st floor! To celebrate the opening, for the first two weeks, all coffee will be 50% off from 8.30am to 10am. 

  • We just hired five UAL graduates as part of the Graduate Development Programme. One joined the marketing team and four others went to the UX team!

  • Anniversary party is happening this Thursday at 7 pm. We’ll start with having drinks in our office and then we move to the Dirty Dicks. All drinks and food on us!

  • One of our projects was nominated on awwwards website in the Web & Interactive category! Congratulations, John!

  • New campaign for Spotify is launching soon, our UX and graphic design team is working hard to finish it on time. We already released a promo video on YouTube that gained almost a one MILLION views within 24 hours!Our new employee” + name + “finished first official project in our company!

  • Congratulations and well done, it will be available on our official website in a week so everyone interested can go and see.

  • Next week, our company will be organising a Programming Training for all employees interested. The course will cover JavaScript, Python and C++ languages. If you’d like to know more, please email reception for more information.


I am genuinely very proud of my work this term. This text-game is in top of my favourite projects I've done throughout my whole time at the university. I did broad research, both primary and secondary one and then I placed it into the interface. I believe I found the right balance between the initial MUD game concept and my implemented elements of the real world (creative industry).

The final outcome is available at www.designyourcareer.netlify.com