• Kasia Szczęsna

Digital Portfolio - MUD game project #3 - gameplay

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Having my fundamental features coded already, it was time to put everything together. This process took me awhile, going back and forth from Creative Lab to Oliver to fix all the issues. I created a home screen where people can pick their character name (it will be used throughout the game) and skills page.

In here, people would have 15 points in the final version to distribute between all nine categories: research, testing, typography, creative thinking, prototyping, illustrations, budgeting, consistency and coding. Depending on how people allocate the points, the system will give them one of four designers.

After developing the technical part of my project, it was time of figuring out the actual storyline. As I already established, I will have four different people working in a design industry. I wanted to make it diverse and not only focus on a UX or UI, so I added a graphic designer (with the idea of creating print design) and a product manager (this is a person who is constantly working with designers so it would be interesting to see how his career looks like).

Because I was a little bit overwhelmed with the amount of coding and I knew we need to submit also a second project, I decided to design a storyline only for one designer, closer connected with my course: a user experience designer. Even though I decided to do that, I will probably come back after all the deadlines and finish the other three story lines.

The main reason why I wanted to create a game like this is to give people from outside creative industry an idea how designer job looks like. This is why, my alpha version isn't too long but it gives key information how (in ux designer case) user experience works. They get a quickly process how each project is done, starting from the brief, through research and ending up with final wireframes. In between, I included few questions. For Junior position (starting position) they are quite easy and require only logical thinking and maybe basic knowledge about UX or simply personal experience on navigating different websites online. Mid-Weight Level position would of course include harder questions.

Like I mentioned, in the game players will play the role of a user experience designer. They will start with choosing whether they want to work on a physical or digital project (at this stage however, I came up only with a digital storyline). Next, player will have to answer a set of questions related to a UX process (what research method is appropriate to the given task) or user experience in general (A, B, C, D questions about definitions etc).