• Kasia Szczęsna

Digital Portfolio - MUD game project #1

My initial idea for the game wasn't too complicated. Like I mentioned in my previous post, I wanted to implement my practice as a designer somehow so I came up with a creating a designer and then playing his role, managing and doing design projects etc. Considering that MUDs are based on text, people wouldn't be able to draw or upload the things they would do. To solve this problem, I had to create a world that players would get only few options A/B/C to the already programmed question in the game. This way, they would just be playing scenarios that would be written before by me.

Storyline: players would have to create a game character (designer) at the very beginning, distributing a certain amount of points to different skills like typography/video editing/graphic design etc. Then, based on their skills, my game would calculate and say what type of a designer a player got and generate the rest of a gameplay. It would be focused on answering questions where people would be able to recreate a daily life as a [enter the name of designer].

I started from designing a simple interface in Adobe XD so that I would have a base to what I wanted to do later. MUD games usually look very similar and they consist of the same features like: game charakter name and skills, progress bar, text console, some news/information from the game.

Finally, I came up with this simple mockup, I used a random ASCII art and place it in the box I wanted to implement some sort of animations/graphics I was planning to create. On the left, I placed a progress bar, skills section, current position (as players would be able to be promoted) and recent news that would be an extra feature to entertain players. In the left bottom corner, I placed a text console where all the game would be actually happening.

This was just a simple mockup and now I had to figure up how I can transform it into a working game. As I know HTML and CSS, I knew I will have to get help to make it more interactive, probably using JavaScript language. Before going to the Creative Lab, asking for help, I coded all my sections using HTML and CSS and placed them in correct places in relation to my mock up. It looked exactly the same, but I didn't know where to start with coding the rest.