• Kasia Szczęsna

Digital Portfolio - Mental health project #5 - experimentation

At this stage, I already started designing something to see whether my idea work. For both formats described in the previous post, I'd have to use A2 size so I started with it. I knew that when I finally decide which one works better, it would be still possible to just rearrage content I already placed.

Because my plan was to print it in the end, I used Adobe Illustrator to design my poster and I used 300DPI for the file settings so I'll get a good print-quality design for the outcome.

I quickly realised that this is not the thing I was going for. Poster format did not work well with the amount of information I had and a variety of visuals.

The name 'Hidden realities' came up once during a conversation me and Persia had and I really liked it. She was saying that this project would be a great way of highlighting the hidden realities of mental health problems. I think this phrase perfectly summaries the goal of the project - it uncovers what is beneath the 'everyday everything is fine' attitude.

At this point, I wasn't sure what format I should use so I just started experimenting and thinking about how I can tell things without actually showing them.

I remembered when I was really young I had these UV pens. I used to love using it at school with friends and just write short notes because only 'chosen kids' (the one with their own UV pens) could read it. I quickly found out that there is actually quite a lot of designs using this technique already. Of course, I wouldn't be able to use normal printer, but I know that at LCC we have UV paint in screen printing studio. Simply handwriting it was the other option.

I wanted to see how it would work in my case so I've ordered a set of UX pens on Amazon. I wrote the statistics I've found on a paper using black marker and then hidden messages in between the lines. The effect was very pleasing and I knew that this is the direction I should be going towards.

As you can see, the UX pens don't work on top of the black pen but when writing on ink, it looks much better (photo below) so I am sure final outcome would look decent. Also what is worth mentioning that it is hard to capture on a camera but in real life it looks more clear than on some of the pictures.

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