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Digital Portfolio - Mental health project #1 - initial brief

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So you might be thinking, what is this mental health project? Well, I changed my idea since the first briefing. I'm no longer doing my project on social media, now it's mental health!

It all started with a conversation with my friend Persia, who has been through quite a bit with her personal health.

It will be a collaborative project with her, but I will design and produce the final piece myself. Persia will be more of a research-expert as she is able to provide me with first hand information (data). I am basing this project on her experiences and materials she gave to me, including different items she collected from her hospital journey, scrapbook she was doing while being hospitalised as well as her final essay in which she explained her whole journey in detail.

Initial idea was to create a physical artefact (book, booklet, poster) that will be visualising struggles connected with mental health. We want to show that this is not a subject people should be ashamed of and we want to show that stigma that often is connected with it is only an illusion created by people.

We're not sure about the medium we want to use. It will probably be a mix between a graphic design, illustration and collages, all printed as a booklet or folder poster. This project should be informative and educational, to show the true nature of people struggling with mental health issues.

What is really interesting is that Persia is a part of a Time to Change charity which is dealing exactly with these types of problems. She is volunteering there as a champion, which means she is a person who is open about her personal struggles and that she is willing to help others in similar life situation.

We already starting experimenting with some collages but these ones will definitely not be used in the final piece as we just wanted to have an idea how they would look like in real life. We used Persia's photo I took not so long ago and added some floral elements as she is strongly connected with plants/flowers and nature itself.

Using brief template available on moodle, I created my own:

  • Overview – Produce a manifestation of data that would be informative and engaging for people. Research a spectrum of mental health illnesses and consider how general statistics might influence an individual.

  • Context – Anxiety and depression are one of the most serious diseases of our time and more than 322 million people worldwide currently live with depression (Our World Data- https://ourworldindata.org/mental-health#anxiety-disorders). According to a report Green et al (2005), 1 in 10 young people experience a mental health disorder. This issue has significantly raised in recent years, resulting in around 150,000 cases of self-harm presented to accident and emergency departments annually in UK. Mental health is a very delicate subject in today’s society.

  • Research – Secondary research will give you the fundaments of your project, but the most valuable data you will gather by conducting interviews as a part of a primary research.

  • Form – Think how the pace of today’s world can influence peoples’ lives, focusing mainly on their mental health. Collect the data and consider the stories you want to tell about your findings – this will form the basis of your outcome.

  • Scope – You have two weeks to conduct your research and create an artefact presenting your findings. Think about the ways you can explore the data and consider whether a physical or digital would be more appropriate as an outcome.

  • Tools & Methods – Start by conducting a research and gathering basic information about mental health and present statistics focusing mainly on the United Kingdom. See if your findings will help you to identify different ways of engaging with the topic.

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