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Data noise - pollution data & sounds

Aktualizacja: 8 mar 2019

For data we decided to focus on air pollution only because of our short deadline, although we discussed few other ideas like noise level or light pollution which could be a nice addition if we would like to develop this project further later. We had to pick different locations, so our immediate thought was Elephant&Castle and areas nearby as this is the location everyone at our course will know.

I did a research about pollution scrolling through different websites reading about E&C area. Southwark Council website (https://www.southwark.gov.uk/) turned out to be the most useful because of all the data files they had related to the environment. We ended up using an external website that shows pollution levels to different areas in London.

We gathered data specifically for 24th of February 2019 for all five final locations: Elephant and Castle, Marylebone, City of London, Vauxhall and Greenwich in Excel and tried different ways of sonicating them.

Our first attempt wasn't very successful, we used Max 8 to create the sounds but the results were very similar so we decided to think of something else. After some research, Fisnik found a very old website that can also creates sounds after uploading data there. What was interesting about this site and caught our eye was the ability to edit the outcome sounds to be played by different instruments. What we found out later, it was also possible with Max 8 but we decided to use the Musicalgorithms website anyway. The sounds we came up with are below:

Sounds are still quite similar so we might edit them a little bit more later. We agreed that the similarities might be a good thing when the audio files will overlap on each other so we are not worry about that.


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