• Kasia Szczęsna

Data noise - idea development #2

After one to one tutorials we realised the "club idea" is not going to work very well fro various reasons. Gareth suggested me we could simplify our concept and give up the idea of changing sounds while following lines printed in conductive ink on the poster whereas Oliver told Fisnik that listening to this poster inside the clubs would be pointless because people would not hear anything.

After discussion between me and Fisnik, we decided to move on try focus on something different where data will be used in more practical way. The first thing that came to our minds was pollution and because of lack of time, we chose to keep working on it.


With two weeks left, we were not sure how we're going to manage and finish everything on time. Our idea for poster was simple in theory but much harder to do considering our lack of experience with this software. We wanted to create a map where users would be able to hear the transition between pollution level of one place to the other one by following the conductive lines by finger or crocodile clips.

We were trying to edit the Bare Conductive Board's code using the Arduino software (https://www.arduino.cc/) but we were unable to get the transition. The only thing that was working was the simple Touch_MP3 code that played different tracks after touching specific areas allocated to the sound.

Doing research on how to make the transition working we discover that we would have to probably use PWM (pulse-width modulation) and maybe a voltage divider that would allow us to control the tension in the design. We spend an hour talking to Elle and later John in Creative Lab but even after that we were not sure if the effect would be possible to achieve only by coding. We came up with few sketched of a potential design and ways of making the transitions.


Finally, we decided to stop working with Arduino for the moment and just focus on coding an interactive website that would have same functions as our Arduino concept. Right now, we still need to develop the concept a little bit further, finish collecting data for the sounds and create a design that we're going to code using probably HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

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