• Kasia Szczęsna

Data for Change - final presentation

For the final presentation, I managed to do a total of 151 posters for January-March 2018 and January 2019. During my presentation, I explained how people can read the data and I showed few examples how the differences are visible.

Before the crit day, I walked around the Elephant and Castle and took some photos of the area that I could use for creating mockups for my initial outdoor exhibition idea.

During one of the tutorials, I've got a feedback that my outcome would be more interesting if it was dynamic. I was thinking of doing a flip book, like one of my course mates proposed, but because of lack of time, I decided to stick with a simple mock-up animation. I combined my outdoor exhibition and did a stop motion animation which would have a website link to LondonAir website and my project website at the end of it. It's almost impossible to read the data when the posters are changing that quickly, but in the end it was more about getting people's attention than actually presenting the data.

The website mock-up I created was very simple. It would allow people to compare pollution levels in specific location throughout the years, creating a live visualisation. I did not have a chance to code or even prototype the website, but I might come back to it later.

The feedback I got was mostly positive, but Gareth pointed out that my gradients are hard to read. Not in terms of the checking the levels of pollution, but they are completely not intuitive. I can definitely agree, I should do more research on this part. I think that the first and the last one (green as the least polluted and red as the most polluted) could stay, but I should have changed the colours of the middle readers.

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