• Kasia Szczęsna

Concrete Data - brief session & initial research

Brief: Produce a manifestation of data collected from a border, allowing it to be perceived, narrated, or explored. The manifestation should tell, or allow stories to be told about your chosen border.

Before analysing the brief, we were asked to document the borders (they could be physical, psychical or invisible) we have crossed within the week before the session. It was interesting to see different ways people understand the definition of a border. I brought few evidence of crossing my personal borders (achievements), invisible borders (public WiFi) and also physical borders (crossing gates in the underground).

During the session, we were categorising all the borders we brought in a group. Me, Luke, Mai, David and Vish ended up having a very interesting result. Almost every evidence could be categorize in more than one way. It gave us an interesting point of view on the brief and directed every one of us in different directions which we developed further later.

I wanted to create something meaningful, so I started reading online newspapers like BBC and Guardian to see what issues are currently talked about on media. I wasn't so sure about my idea until I saw a headline on one of the polish magazines saying that one women was arrested for hanging posters with the image of Virgin Mary with a rainbow halo around Central Warsaw. The whole situation was illegal and at the time of this event, big protest were happening to raise the awareness of the problematic situation.

Poland is not the most tolerant country, it is actually in the bottom ten when it comes to the LGBT+ right and tolerance according to the Rainbow Europe.

I did further research and turns out that even international media are writing about how bad the situation in Poland is. It is safe to say that even the current government is not doing anything to improve the situation and improve the current rights for the LGBT+ community. What's more, the present ruling party is actually saying on TV, social media and different media, that "gay people are the threat to the nation".

Many of my close friends from Poland are a members and/or supporters of the LGBT+ community and this is why I decided to follow this topic and do a project about this.

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