• Kasia Szczęsna

Concrete Data - collecting data

I asked my friends who are a part of LGBT+ community in Poland what are the most reliable sources of information about the current situation. Almost every one of them gave me the same answer: Lambda Warsaw (the oldest running Polish LGBT organisation) and KPH (Polish campaign against homophobia). I also found a website that gives a list of hate speech incidents towards different groups of people, including gay people.

On KPH website, there is a lot of PDF resources that can be found regarding the issue I chose. There was one about the current LGBT situation and I believe few of their graphs were worth noticing. Even though, the main group of responders was between the age of 18 and 28, the numbers are shocking.

I collected my data from the 'Submission to ODIHR Hate Crime Reporting 2015', a document done by Lambda in collaboration with KPH. I also added some hate speech incidents from the OSCE's database and then saved everything in one Excel file. I ended up having almost 80 incidents in years 2015-2017. I was trying to find data for 2018, but the reports are not ready yet.

I created two drafts of the interface which present different types of visualising the data. Both were supposed to be interactive and they both would enable users to read about specific hate speech incidents that happened between picked period of time. The first one would be the border shape of Poland which would be 'filled' with incidents. People would get the option of scrolling the timeline (not visible on the design below) and while scrolling, the shape would fill with newer and newer situations that happened. The second one is more straight-forward, it would be a long timeline where the hate speech incidents would be added.

Finally, I decided to go for the second idea. I feel like the complexity of the issue is enough so simple interface would create a nice balance between them.

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